Chimney Demolition

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Chimney Demolition Services

Specializing in Demolition Services

Chimneys and stacks are vital components of power and industrial facilities. When a plant shuts down or the structure is near the end of its service life, these large structures can become a major safety hazard.

PULLMAN offers a variety of demolition methods. Due to the nature of industrial and power chimneys and stacks, demolition requires specialized training, experience and techniques. PULLMAN has the industry knowledge and experience to perform demolitions both safely and efficiently. Our chimney design experts help identify the best method whether it is traditional or using our innovative technologies. These services can be completed when the facility is active or retired.

PULLMAN offers a turnkey approach from initial design through demolition with single-source responsibility.

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Featured Demolition Services

Traditional Demolition
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PULLMAN offers traditional demolition services using pneumatic hammers to provide a controlled and efficient demolition. We offer customized access and platforms designed to ensure proper safety for our teams.

Mechanized "Spider" Demolition

Using proven technology, we have specialized equipment that provides an innovative demolition method. This approach enhances efficiency and safety providing rapid demolition of chimneys and stacks for many applications.

Diamond Wire & Demolition Machines
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PULLMAN offers hybrid methods that include the use of diamond wire and demolition machines supported by mast climbers as an efficient and safe demolition method for specific applications. This approach is best for large diameter chimneys or stacks with thick walls.

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