New Construction for Power Generation

New Construction for Power Generation

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Design – Build Construction for Power Generation

Specialty Design – Build Construction for Power & Industrial Facilities

concrete repair services

Since 1902, PULLMAN, a licensee of STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES’ products and technical support services, is widely known for our turnkey design-build capabilities for new chimneys and other critical assests in fossil fuel facilities. PULLMAN seamlessly integrates with project teams to assess all aspects of a project. From early design and constructability analysis through project sequencing and safety planning, PULLMAN is ready with the workforce you need. We research, evaluate, and plan for all the factors that will affect the design and construction.

As a longstanding company recognized for construction industry leadership, PULLMAN has built a reputation of excellence, client satisfaction, and efficient project delivery.

Our commitment to safety 24/7 helps us deliver quality craftsmanship while ensuring that every project is completed promptly, safely, and on budget. Through our own skilled craftsmen, and as a signatory to local, national, and international labor agreements, PULLMAN can bring the required skilled workforce to handle projects of any size.

Design-Build of Chimneys, Stacks & Flue Gas Path Structures

For new chimneys and flue gas path systems, PULLMAN provides turnkey design-build services. Our in-house engineering team designs for operating and environmental conditions, and works with project teams on liner system selection, material science, and mechanical and electrical integration. Our construction team develops schedules and a detailed quality assurance and control program to ensure an on-time completion.

concrete repair services
concrete repair services
Design & Engineering

PULLMAN’s in-house engineering specialists design your structure by meshing geographic, geophysical, and thermal data with factors such as loads, operating conditions, wind, seismic, and thermal stresses. We work directly with project teams on liner system selection, material science, and mechanical and electrical integration. Additionally, PULLMAN provides complete design and installation of:

  • Concrete Foundations & Shells
  • Liners & Environmental Systems
  • Access & Platform Systems
  • Electrical & Communication Systems
  • Liquid Collection & Drainage Systems

When it comes to installation, PULLMAN has developed and deployed the latest technologies for tall concrete construction. For both new construction and repairs, our elaborate framework and rigging systems integrate access, safety controls, and specialty lifting equipment to bring crews, steel, and concrete to incredible heights. Our engineers are active in the development of international design codes through committees of the American Concrete Institute (ACI), American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), and International Committee on Industrial Chimneys (CICIND).

PULLMAN uses one of two methods to build and access tall, concrete structures:

  • Slipform construction is a faster method for compressed schedules. The construction platform rises a few millimeters at a time while crews continually place reinforcing steel and concrete 24 hours a day.
  • Jumpform construction is the most common method. It utilizes a climbing derrick to form and pour the concrete wall in sections that are typically about 7’6” high. For each new section, the wall thickness and diameter is precisely adjusted to conform to the approved design.
concrete repair services

Design-Build of Butler Heavy Structures

concrete repair services

PULLMAN is proud to be the only Butler Builder in the U.S. with the “Market Sector” designation with a market focus on energy and industrial facilities.

As a national builder for Butler structures, we leverage our vast in-house engineering and steel erection expertise—along with the superior-quality steel building systems manufactured by Butler—to offer clients turnkey, Design-Build solutions. Every component of a Butler building system is designed, engineered, and manufactured to exact specifications— assuring fast assembly and long-term performance.


As a Butler Builder, PULLMAN can offer factory-punched secondary structural members to assure a precision fit on a jobsite. This helps to speed installation, lower construction costs, and create low-maintenance structures for greater lifecycle cost savings.

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