Corrosion Control

Corrosion Control

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Corrosion Control Services

Solutions for Corrosion Control & Protection

Because of the potential complexities surrounding the diagnosis, repair, and prevention of reinforced concrete corrosion, owners should partner with a specialty contractor with extensive corrosion repair expertise and proven field procedures and experience.

PULLMAN, a licensee of STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES’ products and technical support services, has vast experience, allowing us to help project teams select the appropriate solution, and then handle the installation, maintenance, and monitoring of the system that is put in place. We have experience installing a variety of corrosion control systems, including:

  • Impressed Current Cathodic Protection
  • Sacrificial Galvanic Systems
  • Jacket Cathodic Protection Systems
  • Thermal Sprayed Coatings
  • Internal & External Anodes Systems
  • Protective Coatings, Sealers & Waterproofing Systems
concrete repair services

Our Commitment to Safety & Preplanning

concrete repair services

PULLMAN’s project management and field personnel carefully preplan every project. Our crews address all areas of concern during project pre-planning, including safety, constructability, budgeting, scheduling, and phasing as it relates to optimizing efficiency and potential disruption to ongoing operations.

PULLMAN crews have the manpower to complete projects under the tightest schedules, or adjust and phase work to create work schedules that minimize disruption.

Industry-Leading Corrosion Control Products & Design Support

PULLMAN and STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES combine their unique capabilities to provide clients with both products and repair and maintenance services. Through the early adoption of innovative corrosion control technology, we offer the experience and proven quality control programs to successfully provide corrosion solutions on new and existing structures. PULLMAN also integrates its services with select engineering partners and STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES to create turnkey, investigate – design – build solutions that provide owners with single source, cost and time-efficient projects.

Corrosion Control Products

STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES’ provides proprietary products and systems supported by highly specialized investigative and engineering services for control of corrosion in reinforced concrete and steel infrastructure:

  • ElectroTechCP™ Impressed Current Cathodic Protection Systems
  • LifeJacket® Galvanic Cathodic Protection System
  • ElectroTechCP™ Metalized Cathodic Protection Systems
  • ElectroTechCP™ C-Wall System
  • ElectroTechCP™ EZ-Anode Systems
concrete repair services

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