Chimney Inspection, Repair & Demolition

Chimney Inspection, Repair & Demolition

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Comprehensive Chimney Services

Inspection, Repair & Maintenance Programs for Chimneys & Stacks

Chimneys and stacks are vital components of power production and industrial facilities. Their unique operating conditions subject them to a number of different factors that can be detrimental to their integrity including exhaust fumes and gases, fuel ashes, condensation, rain, thermal variations, UV exposure, lightning, atmospheric CO², wind and ground stability. These factors can lead to deterioration of both external and internal components.


PULLMAN, a licensee of STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES’ products and technical support services, offers several levels of chimney and stack condition assessment services based on the specific needs of the owner and the project. The objective of a comprehensive condition assessment is to identify the root cause of problems and the level of damage.

Repair & Maintenance Programs

Our chimney design experts support project teams by designing repair and maintenance programs for both external and internal chimney components. We offer a diverse range of specialty products and design support, including design and fabrication of permanent and temporary access systems and custom components. For major chimney retrofit programs, our team assists with design and material selection for modernization and life extension.

Turnkey Solutions

When PULLMAN teams with the products and engineering support of STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES – we offer our turnkey Investigate-Design-Build (IDB) approach to provide a seamless process from initial design through installation with single-source responsibility. This approach is ideally suited for industrial and power clients looking to perform repair and maintenance during scheduled turnarounds and outages.

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Chimney Inspection Services

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Chimney Field Inspections

PULLMAN offers specialized chimney and stack assessment services to help plan and prioritize repair programs in a manner that maximizes plant safety and efficiency. We provide one-time or ongoing inspections of all chimney components, including:

  • Chimney Exterior
  • Liner(s) Interior
  • Liner Exterior / Annulus Space
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Inspection Reporting

When PULLMAN performs a comprehensive chimney assessment, our typical report includes:

  • Inspection summary
  • Inspection findings with photos and narrative
  • Recommendations for non-outage and outage required repair and maintenance
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Enhanced Inspection Services

PULLMAN now offers enhanced chimney inspections – a safe, rapid approach that provides full coverage visual inspections. Utilizing advanced cameras mounted to unmanned aerial vehicles or tethered, our team can provide rapid, total assessment of chimneys and stacks.

The data acquired allows our chimney experts to analyze the entire chimney structure and provide a full report, and to monitor specific conditions and identified issues on future inspections. Additionally, our team builds a digital model of the chimney which may be used to precisely identify locations and tests to perform additional if a more thorough, manned investigation is required.

Repair & Maintenance Programs for Existing Chimneys

Our team designs and implements efficient solutions to fix identified problems, improve safety or extend the service life of chimney and stack components, including:

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Liner Upgrades & Replacement

Many chimneys, ducts and flue gas path systems were not designed to meet today’s operating conditions or stringent safety requirements. Upgrades or alterations to the liner systems can help meet these changing demands. Our team partners with owners, builders and designers of unit and plant modifications to work through all project details, including:

  • Liner system selection – our vast experience with all liner system types including brick, gunite, steel, alloy steel and fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) systems helps owners choose the best system for their unique needs.
  • Planning and design – our design and construction teams integrate to develop detailed means and methods for quality control of the liner system as well as designing and fabricating engineered access and work platforms.
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Ductwork Alterations & Replacement

As new units are added to existing facilities, PULLMAN provides comprehensive design-build delivery of new ductwork systems.

Our team address the complexities of working in operational facilities and incorporate all project aspects into our designs, including:

  • Ductwork design and fabrication
  • Chimney modifications and tie-ins
  • Construction planning
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Support Infrastructure

PULLMAN designs, builds, repairs and maintains a wide variety of civil infrastructure for flue gas path systems, including:

  • Ductwork support structures
  • Rotating equipment foundations
  • Pedestals and structural supports
  • Tanks and vessels
  • Silos
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Maintenance Planning

Our team designs efficient solutions to fix identified problems, improve safety or extend the service life of chimney and stack components, including:

  • Brick, Alloy, Steel, & FRP Liners
  • Platforms and Ladders
  • Rain Hood
  • Lightning Protection
  • Aviation Warning Lights / Paint
  • Exterior Repairs
  • Coatings
  • Foundations
  • Expansion Joints
  • Ductwork
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Chimneys and stacks that are no longer in service require ongoing maintenance programs to ensure they don’t become a hazard to safety and plant operations. In addition to regular inspections and repairs, our team offers long-term planning and modifications to chimneys and stacks removed from service, including:

  • Exterior repairs and coatings
  • Design, fabrication and installation of chimney capping systems
  • Liner removal
  • Ductwork capping
  • Removal of components
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For chimneys nearing the end of their service life, our team custom engineers plans for a variety of specialized controlled methods – providing safe and efficient demolition, even in operational facilities. PULLMAN assists project teams with:

  • Method selection
  • Specialized demolition technologies
  • Customized access / platform design

Our Commitment to Safety & Preplanning

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Throughout our history, PULLMAN has been the leading designer and builder of reinforced concrete chimneys, stacks, building cores, observation towers, silos, and more. Whether you are building a new structure, or planning to modify, repair, or demolish an existing one, PULLMAN’s track record and experience provides you with a reliable source for turnkey engineering and construction services.

PULLMAN’s project management and field personnel carefully preplan every project. Our crews address all areas of concern during project pre-planning, including safety, constructability, budgeting, scheduling, and phasing as it relates to optimizing efficiency and potential disruption to ongoing operations.

PULLMAN crews have the manpower to complete projects under the tightest schedules, or adjust and phase work to create work schedules that minimize disruption.

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    New Construction: Chimneys, Stacks & Flue Gas Path Structures

    Since 1902, PULLMAN is widely known for our turnkey design-build capabilities for new chimneys and other critical assets in fossil fuel facilities. PULLMAN has completed more than 10,000 chimney, stack and silo projects throughout the world.

    Our in-house engineering team designs for operating and environmental conditions, and works with project teams on liner system selection, material science, and mechanical and electrical integration. Our construction team develops schedules and a detailed quality assurance and control program to ensure an on-time completion.


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