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PULLMAN–Brown and Caldwell Design-build Team launch pipeline renewal projects for the Great Lakes Water Authority

Approximately 13 miles of critical pipeline upgrades valuing $25M

Detroit, July 26, 2021: The PULLMAN–Brown and Caldwell Design-build Team announce the recent award of two projects from the Great Lakes Water Authority (GLWA) to provide inspection and design for the renewal of major pipelines in the greater Detroit metropolitan area. The 7 Mile Nevada Project and the Garland-Berwick-Hurlbut (GBH) Project will provide upgrades to 13 miles of existing 48- to 52-inch pipelines critical to delivering water to GLWA’s customers.

Phase I of each project, with awarded contracts totaling $25 million, will be carried out by the PULLMAN–Brown and Caldwell team in conjunction with STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES, and other key subcontractor partners, over the next two years. Phase I includes performing a study of the pipelines and vault structures, along with the design of a long-term upgrade for the 100+ year old pipelines.

Community outreach, local and minority business inclusion, and minimizing disruption to the neighborhoods through which the pipelines travel are critical focus areas for the successful completion of these projects. By teaming up with a local expert on community outreach, Tarolyn Buckles, President and CEO of Onyx Enterprises, the design-build team will draw upon her years of experience in the greater Detroit area and wide range of engineering, project management, and construction management skills to assist.

The PULLMAN–Brown and Caldwell Design-build Team is pleased to be partnering with GLWA using this unique project delivery method to provide a long-term solution for the existing pipeline infrastructure. “We are enthusiastic about the use of progressive design-build delivery on these important projects because a collaborative approach, where engineers work together with construction professionals, drives the best ideas from concept to construction,” commented Peter Emmons, CEO of Structural Group, Inc., PULLMAN’s parent company.

Brown and Caldwell has supported GLWA on other major projects including the 14 Mile Pipeline and is pleased to be part of the team addressing the 7 Mile Nevada and GBH projects. “This is an important step in providing clean, reliable drinking water to the residents and businesses of Detroit. We are impressed with the efforts of GLWA to proactively manage their inventory of pipeline assets, they are rapidly setting a new standard among US utilities,” said [insert name/title].

When completed in late-2020’s, the projects will play a central role in helping GLWA achieve their long-term goals for effective transmission of water throughout their network of customers.

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