Preserving & Restoring History

PULLMAN's vast experience with historic building materials makes us uniquely qualified to help owners with the preservation and restoration of their historic buildings.

Solutions for Historic Structure Preservation & Restoration

Preserving important elements of historic structures is critical to maintaining our culture and is also an integral part in adhering to important Tax Credit Programs. PULLMAN’s knowledge and installation experience with historic building materials makes us uniquely qualified to help owners with the structural preservation and restoration of their historic buildings.


Industry-Leading Specialty Contracting Expertise

PULLMAN has earned recognition as one of the industry’s leading specialty contractors dedicated to the repair and restoration of historic structures. Given the potential complexity of such projects, both the design and proper implementation of the design repair are critical to success. At PULLMAN, we have established stringent technical guidelines and we develop project-specific quality control processes for each project.

PULLMAN's team of historic restoration experts has extensive experience working with a wide variety of material types, including:

  • repointing masonryMasonry and stone
  • Facade inspection support
  • Building façade cleaning
  • Brick Pointing, Brick replacement
  • Cast stone repairs and replacement
  • Terra cotta repairs and replacement
  • Timber frames repairs and strengthening
  • Structural Steel repairs and replacement
  • Strengthening of Masonry walls
  • Corrosion mitigation and control for steel frame buildings
  • Painting and coating


Commitment to Safety & Preplanning

Building restoration or repair work can involve performing services on occupied or operating facilities. PULLMAN's crews work closely with customers to address all areas of concern during project pre-planning, including safety, quality control, constructability, sequencing, budgeting, and potential impact to building tenants/occupants.

PULLMAN crews have the flexibility and manpower to match work schedules to project needs. We can complete projects under the tightest schedules or adjust and phase work to create work schedules that minimize disruption. 


Technology-Driven Solutions for Historic Preservation

PULLMAN specializes in integrating technology-driven building envelope repair and restoration solutions through our specialty contracting services, allowing us to restore both the aesthetic appeal and structural integrity of a variety of historic structure types.

We collaborate with our design partners, including STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES (a Structural Group company), to perform mock-ups and tests to ensure that the methods and schedules selected are the optimal solution. Our commitment to the project extends to adherence, as required, to the Secretary of the Interior's Standards for Rehabilitation and Guidelines for Rehabilitating Historic Buildings, which translates into Historic Tax Credits for owners.


Discuss A Project

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Design-Build Solutions


By teaming with select industry-leading design firms that focus on historic structures and critical performance areas, such as building envelope design, and through the added solution building services of STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES, PULLMAN can provide customers with turnkey, value-added, Investigate-Design-Build solutions for historic building preservation and restoration.

Turnkey services with our integrated teams typically start with a comprehensive condition assessment. The combined expertise of our team provides clients with optimal solutions that create durable repairs with the lowest life cycle costs.

After initial analysis, the team moves into the solution building/design phase. In specialty related areas, solutions may include the use of STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES’ proprietary products.

Under our team approach to Investigate-Design-Build, clients understand their problems, the range of solutions available, and the up-front cost of those solutions. PULLMAN's turnkey approach provides a seamless experience to customers—from initial design through installation with single-source responsibility.


PULLMAN — A Structural Group Company

With member companies dating back to 1902, Structural Group is firmly committed to its ongoing mission of sustaining and enhancing its customers’ infrastructure. Through its member companies, Structural Group delivers turnkey solutions that integrate technology, engineering, and construction. Structural Group provides specialty contracting services through PULLMAN, and state-of-the-art proprietary products and engineering support services through STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES.

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