W Union Square Hotel Repair & Restoration

W Union Square Hotel Repair & Restoration

W Union Square Hotel Repair & Restoration

  • Roof/tile façade restoration
  • Primer and sealant installation
  • Granite stone patch repair
  • Location: New York, NY
  • General Contractor: PULLMAN

The W Union Square Hotel is a landmarked building from 1909 containing steel columns, a brick façade, and granite elements. The structure became a hotel in the late 1990s.

The owner sought repairs to the structure after some of the roof’s Spanish style tiles had loosened and fallen from the building causing a safety hazard. The structure’s bricks were also damaged on the North and East facades.  The damage was found to be linked to the mortar surrounding brick being too strong, and the pressure on the bricks too high.

PULLMAN, a licensee of STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGIES’ products and technical support services, was contracted to perform a roof/tile and façade restoration. Crews removed and replaced individual cracked or spalled brick, repointed cracked brick masonry mortar joints and saw cut vertical expansion joints to install new brick ties.

PULLMAN performed granite stone patch repairs, restoring cracked granites by installing a primer and sealant to vertical cracks near corners.  In addition, crews performed a specialized cleaning of the stone and power washed all facades.

The sealants at window perimeters, steel lintel to brick joints, lintel to lintel, door perimeters, EIFS to brick joints, vertical expansion joints, granite to granite, mansard roof dorms were removed and replaced.

Steel beams, wrought iron decorative rails, signage, rooftop cooling towers, parapet braces, handrails, were prepped, primed and painted.

By utilizing rigs and a strict phasing plan, PULLMAN was able to access all faces of the structure. The project was successfully completed on schedule.