Facade Renovation of PSC Headquarters

Facade Renovation of PSC Headquarters

Facade Renovation of PSC Headquarters

  • Building envelope renovation
  • Brick replacement
  • Energy performance updates
Public Service Commission of West Virginia
Charleston, West Virginia
Project Team
    Specialty Contractor
  • WDP & Associates Consulting Engineers, Inc.
Project Background

The Public Service Commission (PSC) of West Virginia’s headquarters, home to various public divisions such as Utilities and Administration, showed advanced stages of deterioration. Originally built in 1984, the three-story, steel-framed structure is supported by spread footings and features a brick exterior. Due to poor workmanship during the original construction and deterioration from aging, the exterior façade was in need of repair.

Building a Solution

PULLMAN, together with our engineer partner WDP & Associates Consulting Engineers, Inc. (WDP), formed a design build team and was selected to renovate the building’s façade and replace the brick exterior while the structure remained occupied. The team conducted an initial field investigation which uncovered some of the existing conditions so the design details could be developed based on actual construction.

The design involved a complete removal of the building’s exterior, requiring temporary enclosures to protect interior finishes and building occupants. In addition to brick replacement, the scope included installation of new barrier and thermal insulation to enhance energy performance, a new monumental limestone arch, a new curtain wall, and improved glazing. The team included a phased demolition and construction plan to ensure minimal disruption to the building occupants.

During the construction phase, additional deficient conditions were uncovered that posed design challenges for the compatibility between the new façade and the existing structural components of the building. PULLMAN and WDP developed unique details to accommodate these conditions and ensure that the project was not delayed. Crews had to remove nearly 20,000 square feet of the existing brick exterior to address the additional structural repairs.

The design build team worked seamlessly together, without incident, to limit disruptions to the ongoing activities of the Commission and complete the project on time.