Ford Foundation

Ford Foundation

Ford Foundation

  • Facade Repairs, new roof  and waterproofing installation
  • Project was completed due to Local Law 11
  • The project was completed on time with no incidents and under budget.
New York, NY
Project Team
  • Owner:
    Ford Foundation
  • General Contractor/Construction Manager:
    Henegan Construction Company
  • Specialty Contractor:
  • Engineer Of Record:
    Thornton Tomasetti

  • Architect of Record:

Built in 1967, the Ford Foundation Building includes a unique, 12-story enclosed atrium garden and was designated a New York official landmark in 1997. After a routine inspection, the City of New York required that the Ford Foundation building be brought up to code for fire safety and handicap accessibility. The Foundation moved forward with a large renovation that included Local Law 11 facade repairs, as well as a new roof and waterproofing installations.

PULLMAN was selected to work on the project because of their extensive knowledge on historical preservation and success working with the Landmark Conservancy.

Part of the revitalization project included Local Law 11 facade repairs, re-caulking the windows, removing and reinstalling a new roof system and gutters, restoring original brick paving to its original appearance, as well as installing a new waterproofing system at all interior fountains and planters.

The crew first installed the vertical access for the facade repairs. The building facade has several odd angled edges and drops, making access difficult and unique. To overcome this challenge, the team provided a plan that illustrated how the facades would be addressed.

The team also implemented a QA/QC program to inspect multiple, random locations to ensure that the quality of work stayed consistent with industry standards. To ensure quality, PULLMAN incorporated local product representatives to review the progress of the project and provide feedback on the installation of the materials used.

The project was completed on time with no incidents and under budget.