390 Madison Avenue Parking Garage Repair

390 Madison Avenue Parking Garage Repair

390 Madison Avenue Parking Garage Repair


New York, New York

Project Team
  • Owner: ComMet 380, Inc.
  • Structural Designer: Severud
  • Structural Engineering: LERA
  • Specialty Contractor: PULLMAN
  • Corrosion Consultant: Axieom LLC
  • Material Suppliers:
    EChem Consultants LLC (ICCP)

390 Madison Avenue is a mid-century style 25-story office building. It was designed by Emery Roth & Sons and constructed in 1953.

The three-level parking garage space at the subgrade of the building was closed for nine years due to extensive deterioration and loss of structural integrity. Repairs were necessary to make the structure safe and accessible again. With extensive experience in these types of repairs, PULLMAN was engaged to provide contracting expertise to the team.

The initial repair scope prepared by the designer three years before the project began included approximately 1,300 square feet of overhead concrete patch repairs up to 2 inches in depth. Soon after work was initiated, it was apparent that the deterioration of the slabs was far greater than expected. The PULLMAN team performed additional inspection of the entire garage to establish what modifications needed to be made to the repair methods. This included full-depth replacement of the slabs in several areas. The completed new design led to a 325% increase in the scope of work.

PULLMAN’s technicians installed the cathodic protection system, including anodes, titanium rods, electrical connections, and monitoring systems. After completion of the concrete repair campaign and installation of the ICCP, the decks received a coating to prevent future moisture infiltration and salt contamination of the slabs.

Despite discovering previously unanticipated deterioration at the outset of the project, the work was completed promptly and with cost-effective methods. The service life of this garage has been restored and significantly extended, allowing a revenue stream for the property for years to come.